View .pb file of Tensorflow in Tensorboard as a Graph

Tnsorboard to view .pb file

one of when i solving deep learning problem using tensorflow ,i was using pretrained model in .pb format.

i had to visualize that in order to get the layers inside the structure …

i searched lot on internet .. and i get couple of lines of code…

but,i didnt get the actual code ,how to correctly visualize the pretrained .pb file..

hence writing the complete guide here:

Let’s Start…!!!

  1. you must have .pb file…

if not,then download it..(hahahaha)

2.Open google colab…

and paste the following code

where,just do 1 modification in above code..

instead of “model_filename” ,put the path of your .pb file

for LOGDIR ,we simply can keep “/content” as our default path

if you are getting … DecodeError: Error parsing message

then paste below code we have to visualize it..

open colab and paste the below code:

The result i get is:

Github link is:

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Akshay Bhor: Deep learning Engineer

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